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Commission Uprising is an incredible system to earn affiliate commissions.  You can view many of the paychecks that have been paid out here.  It seems today, earning money as an affiliate marketer is the one way that most online entrepreneurs are turning to as it can be extremely profitable with a minimal learning curve.. basically, your a 24/7 online salesman 365 days a year and yet you only have to work a couple hours a day.


Commission Uprising Review

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Price: $7


What is Commission Uprising?

The way it works is like this: You use a piece of software called Pop Click Cash. Then you find interesting information online. You get the URL from these links, then put that into the software.

1) You also need to sign up with CPA networks. These are websites where companies ‘hire’ people to promote their products and services. You can get paid by having a visitor perform an action like submit an email address, order a free trial, or sign up for something.

2) Become affiliated with a company. Grab your affiliate link (the one that makes sure you get paid), put that into the Pop Click Cash software. The software then combines the website URL and your affiliate link.

3) When you share this ‘combined link’ with friends or followers on social networks, they will be shown YOUR popup ad somewhere on the page. If they do whatever it is the ad asks them to do, you get paid.

Commission Uprising Reviews

Commission Uprising Reviews

What I Liked:

Steven Rounds seems like a really honest guy. After watching so many videos in different types of products, you can ‘hear’ when a person is being straightforward with you. This is just a personal impression, but I like to look on the positive side of things, so take this for whatever it’s worth.

All the training is videos, which is great. No reading! The videos are not too long, but they describe in detail what you need to do. Everything is explained slowly, nothing is skipped, and they are very newbie friendly.

Price: $7


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Commission Uprising

Commission Uprising Review
Commission Uprising Reviews
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